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Find a home to rent in Kathmandu with Rentastic

January 18, 2021

Rentastic is an app that helps users find a home to rent in Kathmandu. I was struck with this idea when I came across a Facebook group called Rent or Sale Flat/Room in Kathmandu, Nepal which has over 50k members who join to scroll through a list of available places to rent. The home owners or brokers post on this group regularly to inform others that they have rooms to rent. I could see over 40 new posts in a day and people flocking to each individual post to comment their interests. The group allowed private messaging to the original posters for anybody who were interested in the property. Most of these posts had photos, contact and location information embedded to it. It was structured succinctly. Recently, Facebook had introduced features to build marketplaces easily for people to buy and sell things. The group has used such features to allow anybody to post their property in an orderly fashion giving in relevant data.

I could see that the idea was well proven by this Facebook group. I had to do two things better than the group to make Rentastic work:

  1. Allow filtering of the posts based on location, monthly rent, flat size and other such constraints.
  2. Make the communication easier and better between the landlord/broker and the user.

The result of which: Rentastic in Playstore

Get it on Google Play

The app makes it super easy to find a dream home in just a few taps. I think it would be better to show you that with a short video.

Calling an owner of the flat/room is so easy that you can do all of the shown steps while holding your breath (not that I am daring you do it). You may also start the chat right within the app without having to call them (if the property was posted by the owner themselves).

The thing that helps the user save time is, without even talking to the owner, they can see all the necessary information right on the app. The photos, the general location of the home, the monthly rent and the amenities that are provided should help the users to take an informed decision before they are willing to commit and talk to the owners. This also benefits the owners by weeding out casual onlookers and filtering prospective tenants for them.

Since, we have already seen how we can find our home, a new question arises; How do we list our own property/flat/room for prospective tenants to see? Listing your property is as simple to do as finding them and its totally free. You just need to provide your contact number, so that any interested user can call you, and provide photos & details regarding your property; which should not take more than a minute. The following video should showcase just that:

Hopefully, this app will help the prospective tenants in finding the right home for them and provide a platform for the owners to easily connect with their to-be-tenants. In the next post, I’ll cover how the in-app chat can help the users seal-the-deal with the right home.

Until then, ciao.

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